Throw Back Thursday * Words, Words, Beautiful Words*

Many of you enjoyed the softer side last week. Let’s do a week on words. Each songs beauty is in the words. Clear your head.This week I want to show another side to a couple of my favorite singer/songwriter/guitarist. They are not “B Sides”, I hear gems without the radio overplay. Pull up a comfy seat, maybe lay on couch with Black Light on. What happens in your house stays there. I want to hear what you think!!! Shout it out!  XO W


  1. Very nice Twin!
    I didn’t know the songs (but you are not surprised). Last Friday when I posted the Rolling Stones song and said they were playing yesterday (06/27) in Missouri, also Ed Sheeran was playing with them. I didn’t know him. Listening to this song made my heart kind of stop and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. I’m glad I didn’t have the lyrics to follow otherwise I think I would have cried. I’ll try to listen to it later again and now I’ll take a computer break 🙂
    It’s amazing what some melodies/songs can trigger in us (it can be compared to the “love at first sight” feeling). So strange!


    1. I love Cat Stevens, mine was 8 track and it fell apart from overuse. He had the ability to capture you and make you listen to the words not the band around. I think we share the same musical interest!
      Have a great day. It’s almost Friday.

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        1. He’s 23, really. He drinks like crazy and is very very open about. Hell I don’t care. I watched a number of interviews. He’s so funny and no filter. A couple of videos are marcabe. I tried to add photograph. My brain shut down. Try again.😈

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