I’ve been nominated by my friend Cosme, in a Challenge for three days of favorite Quotes. One quote per day for three consecutive days. It sounds like a fun challenge. I’ll post three of the most interesting quotes to me. Thank you Cosme for nominating me. If you are not familiar with  bclphotography.com , please stop by you are in for a treat.   XO Warrior

Remember the Alamo!

If you’re a Texan you know the Alamo, it’s in your blood. I knew the quote as a small child but not the meaning. In school we studied the Battle at the Alamo. Like many subjects in school it didn’t apply to me. In my late 20’s I visited the Alamo, spending hours reading all details available. I felt tremendous pride for the volunteers who took up arms to end the war. The pride felt swelled my heart. History repeated, men and women willing to die for our country. It was like a spear entered my body.

I read the names of people who lost theirs lives, the very least I can do. My ex-husband stood by as I cried and read each name. Why were so many Europeans on the list? I walked out the door, looking left to see a huge canon. I ran to touch my history as a Texan.

Each Day of the Challenge Three Bloggers are Nominated 

  Dunelight     dunelight.wp.com

From Midnight to Dawnlight  frommidnighttodawnlight.com

Cindy Knoke  cindyknoke.com

7 Comments on “Three Day Favorite Quote Challenge *Day One*

    • Thank you. Others were quoted Mythology and these long ones that made no sense to me. I don’t talk like that and if it’s something that means a lot to me, you get what I think. I’m not prissy!
      Have fun.


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