Three Day Favorite Quote Challenge * Day Two *

I’ve been nominated by my friend Cosme, for a Challenge which includes three days of your favorite Quotes. It’s Day Two of the challenge and I am having so much fun. I’m saving the best for last. Thank you Cosme for nominating me. If you are not familiar with, please stop by you are in for a treat. The requirement is to write three post, one each day, of your favorite quote.

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light”

Aristotle Onassis

These Eyes


As a two-year old beaten by my mother, I had to think of brighter days. Eyes dead of emotion from an innocent child is heartbreaking. Over the years people entered my life leaving sprinkles of sunshine. At some point the sprinkles became a force within me. I would not live bitter or let my past control the future. I found sunshine as you can see from the photo above. The sparkle in my eyes and wide smile are my best features.  XO  Warrior



Through The Open Lens

Aniket Sharma Photography

If you have not visited each blog, stop by to find new favorites. 


      1. Both Twin! I like that the quote reminds you of your grandparents! And it’s true that sometimes the same quote or saying means different things in different times of your life 🙂

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    1. I was blessed to have some people carry me at times. Even when on drugs and no where to go, I always thought life would be different somehow, someday. You are right many like to stay a victim or become bitter. Life is to short for that.
      Have a great day.


        1. I just realized you thought run not motorcycle run.
          I had a drink as soon as bar opened. I was not driving either. It such a big deal to get all the bikes around 500, lined up, when to go, what exit, where to park. I put a huge white teddy bear on back bar, it looked cool. The strangest feeling was people were standing on all the bridges in route, waving flags, I almost felt like Miss America. Yes I spent most of my life as a party animal until I quit drinking 8-10 yrs or so. Now I’m the dud.
          But I looked damn good in my leather. HAHAHA. I had on chaps but you can’t see then.

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          1. What a compliment coming from you.I was leaning in quite close. I thought leather was sexy at that age and weight.

            You are going to LOVE jamming tomorrow. Good oldies, you were leaving home about the time frame.
            Get the god headphones out.

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