Third and Last Day of The Quote Challenge

“This to shall pass”

Believed to originated in writings of the Medieval Persian Sufi Poets. 

The quote appeared in tales by the English Poet Edward Fitzgerald and in speech by Abraham Lincoln before becoming president.

Abraham Lincon

 My granny used the quote probably before I was born. Times were very difficult for the family when her father died in 1930, granny was 9 years old. They had no money, insurance and no idea what tomorrow would bring. Both my granny and her mother were deeply religious, my guess this quote comforted them. I started using at some point simply because if I can survive, tomorrow can bring a blessing. The quote was not a religious quote to me. Fast forward to being a caregiver to both of my grandparents. I loved my gramps so much but several times a day I wanted to strangle him. I’d say to myself  “This to shall pass”. I tell you the above because the quote “This To Shall Pass” is religious to me now.  I changed in the 10 years taking care of my grandparents, what came after depression, ECT, hospitalization, Heart problems and Lyme Diease…….One day I woke up and the quote felt different, like God sent a message I’m at the wheel. Today there is a warmth in my heart to help others. The awakening gave the strength to become an Ordained Minister and start charity, God’s Tree of Life Ministries. I have enjoyed the Quote Challenge and hope you have to.   XO  Warrior



Through The Open Lens

Aniket Sharm Photography


    • That is true but it sucks when it last two weeks! I doubt anything that’s happened to us only lasted two weeks. It doesn’t matter what the baggage is. It’s that we survived and still putting one foot in front of other.


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