Several months ago my vision changed drastically. I could barely read, saw things not there, my floaters looked like worms. My Lyme doctor looked and saw the worms and one of my Iris’s changed colors. Go see eye doctor she advised. It was time for new glasses and annual test. I left the eye exam shocked! I had lost vision in each eyes which did not look like glaucoma. The worms were there, one close to retina. He explained the test showing the print out at what it looked like. “I’ve never seen anything like this” Not what I expected to hear. Saying it looked like my optic nerve. He could not right a RX for glasses, I didn’t understand. He refered me to a Nuero-Opthomologist.

Over two appointments I had 10+ test. The last test hurt, I had wires in my eyes for 30 minutes. A current went thru one tucked in under my eyelids. I don’t care for lidocaine in my eyes. I always try to get information from techs. This time tried different approach, asking what each machine tested for and what would the results tell the doctor. I asked about the test with wires, would results identify glaucoma, the machine wasn’t used for Glaucoma. He sends test to expert for their perspective, means no answers until appointment on 10/20/15.  

Eye problems are mentioned in the Lyme Books I’ve read. I didn’t connect Lyme with eye problems. It makes sense now, I have three tick borne illnesses, at least one is attacking my brain. The optic nerve is referenced in books as both Upper or Lower. I now see how Lyme could cause inflammation of the optic nerve. I’m scared of going blind. It doesn’t cross my mind until I see something that is not there.

I have a positive outlook and will deal with any challenge God puts in front of me. I’ve had so several health issues. Brain surgery at 33, at 28 cervical cancer with a total hysterectomy and two terrible car wrecks. I’m a strong woman like my granny, nothing kept her down.  

XO   M  

13 Comments on “How Does Being Blind Change Your Life ?

    • Hi my fried,
      You can understand with the on going painful situations. I work hard to remember God is with me, he’s probably carrying me right now. I’m not sad/frustrated all the time. I have to look at the entire of of my life, I’m alive when the odds were slim. There something in me that have my granny’s strength and believe God will take me when it’s time. That takes some pressure off me, I’m not in control. My eyes were a freak out moment.
      So glad you read the post and I’m sending blessings your way.

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  1. Wow Twin 🙂
    I’m amazed that you like to know everything that’s being done to you. One day I said to a doctor: “If you want me to stay here, keep your mouth shut and do your work. I trust you”. I was so terrified 🙂

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