Throw Back Thursday *Fresh Air..Cool Breezes…Nature*


Image of happy woman with white fabric running down meadow

One With Nature

The Pretenders, Don’t Get Me Wrong is dedicated to Coffee Grounds Blog. She left her request in the comments. I hope you enjoy the selection this week. Enjoy some time outdoors enjoy mother nature and fresh air.  OX  M



  1. TP
    Find out Tues. about my eyes. Then leave Sunday for my surgery Monday. We head back on Thursday. I have to give a letter to TSA each flight to carry my drug on flight. I look forward to the new kid on duty.
    Talk to yo tomorrow.


  2. Reblogged this on CoffeeGrounded's Blog and commented:
    Walk into the room and listen to some music. While you visit, peruse this beautiful, and at times, difficult to read blog. Surviving one storm is a true test of ones will to overcome tribulation, to survive innumerable obstacles defies definition. I’m thankful for your gift of being. My path lights by your presence.

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    1. Hello
      Thank you for the kind words. I’m working on a very personal post, I try to be truthful but don’t want someone in a bad place to read and take the wrong way. I know several people how are in the pit. I’m writing from my journal starting 2001.
      Thanks for rebloging the post.
      Have a great the rest of weekend.

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          1. I’ll probably lay on couch in morning since David has to do before work. Then I’ll go back to sleep. When he gets home, he’ll do while in bed. The pole that hangs the IV bag is light so he can take it upstairs. Getting everything ready is the challenge, there are about 15 pieces to put together, then get medicine ready to put in saline bag. If everything is not sterile it could cause a serious infection. That’s why I’m pushing for a full time RN twice a day. You know men….some may skip cleaning there hands with antibacterial between each step. It takes longer to set up than the therapy. I’ll know next week, surgery is 25th, see doctor on 26th then fly home next day. I’m so glad he buys first class.
            Have a great afternoon.

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