Throw Back Thursday *Wild Child Days*

Reading a post earlier brought back memories of my drug addicted wild child days. My boyfriend was a dealer so I did everything but a needle. Many scary times living with my father. I ran away, he pointing a 357 magnum at the friends he could find. Threatening to kill them if lying. Good thing he didn’t know I was crouched in the front passenger floorboard. I never forgot the music we were getting stoned to.



        1. There is always tomorrow. Gutting smoking was difficult I didn’t like the look of me smoking.
          I quit drinking almost 10 years ago, my mental illness didn’t anything to interfere. Quitting anything is difficult and takes time. What worked for me when working was a present of my choice if I exceeded my quota. Money was the true motivator but something nice, like my first coach briefcase. The last gift my VP gave me a week in Jamaica.
          I know you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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