I did it all, I swear I lived…….

Original post 11/2014

I’ve reposted several post, most from 2014, WHY?

Two reasons: I have new followers  who aren’t familiar with my background. Maybe I could help?

The second: My father committed suicide 9/22/1992. I want to change the mixed emotions this day brings. I’m not getting drunk, a big step starting this year.

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    • Heather my friend,
      You’re on my mind, I’m sending blessings your way. The song grabbed my so hard I had to know who the artist was. I picked the first video and what a blessing it was. The guys story made me look inward and ask some tough questions. I didn’t like the answers, I have beaten myself up for so long for what I’m not able to do. There are more people in need. I realized every person who I develop a relationship with is living. Living may not look like I thought but I did not give myself credit for the life I made for myself. My limitations were my focus, not what I can do or doing with the limitations. It’s a video burned in my heart of the boy growing up, never giving up and he was living. During the throws of my deep depressions it’s impossible to feel accomplishments. I hope the video sticks with me in hard times and allows me to see the nano accomplishments as living.
      You are living, you are doing all and giving all. I pray you pat yourself on the back for the lives you touch with your words and the living you do outside of WP.
      You’re my sister


      • Hanky Carrying Twin P
        Cry????? How did I do that? Thinking about the little animals on our table? It must be difficult if possible for many who need gluten free. Gluten free diet is part of my healing from my illnesses. My body suffers from chronic inflammation and my doctor believes gluten free can help. Living in a large city (over 200K people in an affluent area) offers several specialty grocery stores. I may stay gluten free except for a few cheats. I cheated this morning. David went to Starbucks for coffee and brought me a delicious piece of banana bread. He’s napping and I’m watching a program about Kruger National Game Reserve in S. Africa. I went to sleep at 5:30AM so hopefully a nap is in my future. Take care.
        Take it easy, remember smell the make believe roses. Nice lavender bath, candles and good glass of wine. Life is short.
        Sleepy Twin M


      • Cry because you made me feel emotional ❤
        I hope you are better today. I'm lost!! It's late and nothing happened. Plus I rebblogged post 94 to myself instead of doing it to the survivors page. And I can't fix it!!
        I want to cry but differently now 🙂

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      • Need a Hanky Twin P
        No need to cry, life is short. I know you made a commitment to yourself to write a post everyday, that’s a huge commitment that can create a burden, unneeded stress and emotional stress. Think about that. About me, today was the worst day of all. I have been eating pain meds and still can hardly move. My doctor and I have to talk tomorrow. I’m also suffering from severe nausea from the new med. I don’t want a PICC line, I’ll asking for stronger nausea and pain meds. The PICC line looks very painful and some have to get it changed out every four months. That’s crazy. I hope to start my search for help tomorrow.
        Hope you and the kids are doing great!
        Wore out Twin M

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      • Dear Twin M
        I’m so sorry your day sucked. I hope it goes well with the doctor today.
        December is always stressful for me but I’ll have my daily post as promised (to myself, long ago 🙂 )
        many hugs and good vibes
        Twin P

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      • Hi Twin P
        My doctors appt is on Thursday and may cancel if the doctor does not plan to see mw. I will not go a third time only seeing the PA. Nothing wrong with seeing a PA except when I need a RX he won’t write w/o seeing him. Quite frustrated with him and this is the last chance. I’ll go back to my old Cardio doctor who is three miles down the road. Rough day here, just want to sleep but it isn’t happening. I’m getting several packages today, all of my Christmas shopping down online and the dogs love bark for what seems like hours.
        Just want to sleep and now starting on emails.
        How does the man think he can improve relationship with any of the kids by making the oldest stay behind and treating him different. What an ass.
        Have a great evening.
        Talk to you tomorrow, I hope to sleep soon.
        Twin M

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