HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY 1940-1992 **A Daughters Elvis Tribute**

Original post 8/2014

Elvis Presley had a lifetime fan in my father. I remember playing his Elvis records at 4 yrs. old. Jumping on my friends pink canopy bed with hair brushes belting out Jailhouse Rock. After the divorce Daddy would visit driving to a mom & pop store, we’d get bottles of RC Cola, sitting in-car belting out to the radio. We had to drink  in the parking lot because the bottles required a deposit, after finished daddy would  take back for the deposit. I think it was a dime. My father was one of my abusers, I have few good memories, they’re cherished. I forgave my father, choose to focus on this nugget. My father was mentally ill, committing suicide in 1992. Abuse complicates grieving,  warm tears roll down as I write. Tears for my grandmothers pain and the years I didn’t have a father. He was reading the Book of Job during his last struggle, the last moments between him and God.

To daddy


    1. Hello dear friend,
      Words so true. Life throws stones sometimes, we have to keep going. Have faith there is a reason and not lose sight in the goodness of mankind. I’m glad I overcame the challenges and do not live a bitter life. Not everyone can get past the pain. I had so much love in my life by my grandparents, they made me feel so loved. I believe God has challenged me to see if I could learn, still love and help others. I surely try, nothing feels better. I shared one of the songs we exchanged with a devout Christian follower, she loved it. She said the words moved her to tears. I want to start incorporating more cultural/religious music, we can all share together. Thank you for your prayers. Have a great day. I think of you often. Hugs,

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  1. This is touching…it is hard to remember the good without also recollecting the bad…and then there are the “what ifs” that come to mind…(((hugs)))💙 I completely lost many of the bad memories from youth (my sister and mom remind me, but the memories are just not there).


    1. Hello my dear friend,
      Thanks for your kind words, you are always there for me. I only get the pit in my stomach twice a year, his birthday and day of his death. After all these years, those two can’t go by without reflection. I quit drinking years ago but still would get drunk on those two days. This year I not drinking, I’m stronger than that. I may cry in silence, that’s ok. I’ve been rough the past two days, mostly in bed. When get my legs back under me, I’ll write off line. Hope all is well. Pray for T. Hugs.

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