Avril Lavigne on Her Struggle with Lyme Disease

The post is my opinion based on my own experience and talking to people with Lyme Disease. 

The symptoms of Lyme Disease are the same as many chronic illnesses. The parasites move quickly, if not caught early, the more difficult to treat. Lyme is a serious illness, it moves to major organs which bring on worst symptoms. I have Chronic Lyme and two co-infections. The parasites have moved to my brain, causing cognition, balance, eyesight and pain is severe. Most days I’m in bed due to pain and trying to reducing inflammation.

I’ve included an interview with  Lorraine Johnson, CEO of lymedisease.org. She discusses Lyme, CDC and how Lyme Diseases is a serious illness. The time to take precautions is now.

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    1. Hi Bradley
      I hope you will take steps to prevent getting Lyme. I’ve written a Lyme Update since the beginning of my journey. Lyme and friends move so quickly by the time I write post something else goes crazy. Right now the Lyme Arthritis is in ever joint and is the worst pain to date.
      Take care and have a great weekend.

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