Hearding Chickens awarded Survivors Blog Here with The Versatile Blogger Award


We’re thrilled to receive The Versatile Blogger Award from Herding Chickens. If you have not stopped by http://www.herdingchickens.wordpress.com, today is a great day to start. Her personality shines through her writing. Her and  husband have adopted two children. She shares the successes and struggle of Adoption. She’s a generous person.

Seven Answers

Paola’s Answers

Writing is my therapy. It heals my soul and makes me feel less lonely

I’d love to understand why I spend the whole week waiting for the Friday and the entire year waiting for the spring.

Melinda’s  Answers

I think a snake will bite me every time I enter the garage.

I don’t read instructions

I’m a chocolate addict

A Hawk family returns every year to lounge in our bird bath. I’ve named every generation, Hawke I love the wildlife in our neighborhood.

The Big Revel!










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