Learning from Chronic Illness *Tid Bits, Falling and Learning To Fly*

I dedicate this post to the chronically ill, newly diagnosed and their caregivers. You are the Survivors.

It took three painful years to learn I had Chronic Lyme Disease. I’ve had bumps over the years, nothing like Lyme. I’m totally dependent on my husband. Every week he takes countless hours off work. There’s IV Therapy before and after work. Day to-day monitoring the catheter with weekly bandage changes. Out of state doctor appointments once a month, insure medicines are taken properly, on time and everything you can think of.

I didn’t know what life would teach me. Boy have I learned and want to share with you. The ongoing guilt is a challenge for me.Guilt for not getting out of bed, doing laundry, on and on.

I had no concept of how humiliating daily life can get. I march on. At 52, I wear Kotex for daily spills. The agony of not taking extra Kotex on long flight.

I made a list to complete before treatment. HA! It’s hard to prepare for everything when an illness effects everyone different. The post is female oriented, I can’t speak for men. Use your imagination.

Some suggestions will make you laugh and others grateful to know. Here are a few surprises. The list is task you may want to consider.

Any Dental work



By wardrobe essentials, one size larger, possibly add another half-size or larger.

Shoes become a nightmare, one day your sneakers fit, next day you’re searching for the big ugly pair. Buy a size larger. If you suffer from Edema another half-size makes your day. Edema makes my feet look like melons.

Don’t forget pajamas, undergarments, bra extensions, or Cami.

Your bladder can overflow without warning.

Can’t walk, can’t drive.

Load books, podcast and free College Coursework.

Because the catheter CAN’T EVER get wet, no shower and washing hair a nightmare. I did find a fix. Buy two hairstylist capes with velcro around neck. Wear one backwards the other normal. The backwards one tends to fall forward, I safety pinned arms and pinned back s much as possible. I used 2-1 shampoo, towel close for water in my face and drying towels within distance.

Many households keep rolling due to your efforts.The caregiver will feel like your mother or father at times. Without caregivers, life will weigh you down. Be generous, a thank you goes a long way. Caregivers handle day-to-day task, make appointments, manage medication. Pill maintenance is a full-time job.

I’ll share the next 18-24 month journey to wellness with you.

I can’t express the love in my heart for supporters, friends and followers You’ve stayed by my side in prayer and saying positive words over me.

Xx  Melinda

P.S. The reference learning to fly is Sky Diving from 18,000 feet.


    1. Hi Lisa
      I don’t like complements but love to get them.The reason we started Survivors Blog Here was all three of us had tough time. I also got Lyme, I could do with out. I had an extremely tough time with my depression. Helping someone with Mental Illness, I’ve been their more than once. I’m glad you emailed, have you looked at site? I spent yesterday and today changing the site up.
      can I do a couple Navatar, It would look cool. I’ll the chocies if use the Avatar.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. You’ve been a huge support on the roughest days. I’ve been Sky Diving one time. It’s the greatest thrill. A video was made and it great every time. I’m in process of taking years of photos disc. My printer probably scans but I forget instructions once there. As for Flying, my ex-husband was a private pilot. We were always planning something. The worst part of Sky Diving is when the chute opens, I thought my implants burst! Hitting the mark on the ground is easy. I grinned ear to ear for a week. Total Blast. I read the post about your brother but haven’t commented. Another crazy story, just like life?

      Liked by 1 person

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