Throw Back Thursday *Feed Your Rock soul*

For D, Our favorite Rock-n-Roll, Awesome Frampton!  Best Ever Version EC.  I feel great and want everyone to share it with me. Let’s jam!

Xx  M

Categories: Moving Forward


      • Yep, I had one of those moments after reviewing the current story while the family chastised me for not spending more time with them and decided I’d save writing for when I retire. Sunday, I’ll delete the site and turn off the lights.


      • Hope you didn’t see the first email. I think you got the wrong end of stick. take your notebook to St Peter and tell him you’re not done. I’ll send my true feelings another time. You know the passion of writing drives you. Fuck making you feel quilty for spending time to yourself writing. If you have not be told, you’re moody, like to be alone and research you next chapter. I don’t believe you’re short changing your family time.
        Are you shutting down email and crawling in a hole?

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      • No crawling into a hole, M. I actually plan to get out and do things I wouldn’t do if I was spending 10 to 12 hours on the computer trying to make sure I got the next chapter out on time. To live, I need to leave the computer and social media behind. My family doesn’t make me feel guilty. I love them far more than I love writing. I make these changes willingly because I want them. No one forces me to do anything. Email will remain alive and well. I’ll also keep my Gravatar active so I can visit my favorite blogs. It’s the right thing to do, it’s what I want to do. Thank you for your concern but don’t worry. I’m good with this.


      • When you deleted your site it left Survivors with blank pages. I think they are all deleted. Are you not going to leave anything for your followers to read. You don’t have to read main or anything but they would enjoy having a couple of stories to read. The reason I reblogged in first place. Are you closed completely?

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      • M. All the posts are deleted from my site except the last one. The site goes down Sunday morning. I didn’t think about the reblogs disappearing but readers wouldn’t be able to link back. The posts I did directly to Survivors should still be there. I have offline copies I can post directly to Survivors. Those will stay. Give me some time and I’ll do that. -D


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