• Sheldon
      You sound a little better, I hope you feel much better. I’ll work on a noodle for you, just remember you’ll have to draw something for me! I arrived home from DC late afternoon, another Lyme doctor appointment. Not good but never until you’re close to getting well.


      • Sheldon
        You are a strong man, I’ve seen that in you since reading your first post. This stomach issue is kicking your ass but in time, by taking care of self, 100%, no alcohol….sounding like your mother know. I have horrible gastro issues and went several years before I went to right doctor. I take a Protonix and know what to not eat or drink before taking meds. To hurry you feel good days along. I’m going to draw a noodle just for you! The noodle’s used in past a open stock. I think you are important enough to draw one, may slant more in photo form since I draw horrible. Your a special follower and friend, you are worth the extra effort and a great chance to push myself outside of my comfort zone. It may take more time but I have confidence itself you’ll like.

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      • Sheldon
        After you read the rant I left for some asshole you might think I’m so nice anymore! He had it coming, in 11 years I’ve never flipped out but tonight he got the full Monty, not including the naughty bits. HAHA. I am posting my reply, just waiting to see if he snaps back at me. I’m a lover not a fighter, when pissed off I become the incredible Hulk!
        Take care.


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