In 11 years of Blogging, I can’t recall a time going flip out, full rant on anyone. Today changed everything. We are all due our opinion, we live in the great country of America. People have the same right to voice an opposing view. It’s important my friends and followers know what I will fight for and what my true passions are. Mental Health is on top of the list, I advocate, help anyone who ask, manage my own mental health on a daily basis. I returned home late last night from D.C. and pretty tired today, I could have read the post wrong. Here are a few comments by someone who knows nothing about mental illness. Xx  M

*So why then are we still calling these very physical and real illnesses “mental illness”?*

*So why when someone has an illness in their brain, do we call it a mental illness?*

 My thoughts on post

While I agree on some points, you are way off base speaking on mental illness. No longer saying someone has a mental illness? WOW!! Mental illness is a serious illness the same as cancer, losing a limb or going blind. First Cancer has no cure, you want to just say oh, there sick? Instead of calling someone an amputee, oh they lost their leg, this person sufferers from endless pain battling their brain, the good and the worst.

When someone is in a dark depression and wants to kill themselves, oh, they had a bad day. They don’t have an illness. I usually don’t reply to you because you seem to like getting people worked up. I draw my line at mental illness, I don’t know anyone who says I deserve more treatment than the next illness because I have a mental illness. Are all people with mental illness living the best like possible, hell no, nor are other with or without a flu or long-term illness. Mental illness is a dysfunction of the brain, there are several categories/symptoms that help doctors diagnosis and work to find the right mix of medication. I’m 52, diagnosed at 19 years old, I’ve stayed in a Psychiatric Hospital to prevent me from killing myself, on more than one occasion. My depression can get so bad I can’t function in reality and need ECT to reset my brain. I’ve had 20 ECT Treatments, if you lookup what is involved and the risk, I think you would agree a very ill person would go through ECT. In 2005 the Vagus Nerve Stimulator was implanted in my chest, it looks like a pace maker, leads are attached to my right Vagus Nerve. Clinical Trials were promising, many saw relief very quickly, I was not one of those. I have taken responsibility for my illness, as I would any other illness I have like, Chronic Lyme Diseases.

Yes, I agree Medical company discriminate against people with mental illness and Lyme Disease when writing policies. One way Insurance companies screw patients over is benefiting from other organizations who determine in all their wisdom, this is the treatment and how long the person needs treatment. I’ll give you an example of Chronic Lyme, the CDC does not agree Chronic Lyme exists or the need for long-term treatment is not needed. The CDC says all Lyme cases can be cured in 4-6 weeks of antibiotics, 8 weeks at most. If the CDC takes the position of only short-term treatment is necessary, Medicare/Medicaid will only cover the recommendations of CDC. If Medicare/Medicare and other government agencies do not pay for long-term treatment, the insurance hop on the train, because it saves them money. They only pay what the CDC recommends if coverage at all.
My insurance company refused to pay anything towards treat meant except RX’s after co-pay just like other. I spent 9 months on IV Therapy, tons of meds and supplements, traveling to DC once a month while on IV’s. Each visit which included some IV supplies and meds. The cost per month $6,000 to $10,000 a month. We have spent over $100K to reach life beyond IV’s, the doctor is expecting 12-18 months to get well. Yes, I understand all to well how patients get fucked over. Mental Health is the same, you are covered but at a lesser rate. There are thousands of bloggers on WP with a mental illness, I can tell you for certain, they will not agree the name of our brain illness should go away. You get enough people on a committee who think shallow about what is and isn’t an illness and you’ll have every disease you don’t respect or understand on the take the name of illness way.
Blogs are open for everyone to speak their opinion, you’ve done that and now other bloggers have the right to disagree and let you know about. Maybe next time before throwing a thought out, you should do some research to understand others and their struggles. You of anyone else.
Reading the comments of followers are quite sad. Good day for you, they all agree

12 Comments on “He Named The Posts: Let’s Stop Calling It Mental Illness

  1. Biker Santa
    Ok now I understand
    It’s about that time isn’t it
    Toys for tots
    We do it every year
    Only through where my wife works
    As always Sheldon


    • I was wild beyond this photo but heavy into adventure, skydiving, hot air balloon rides, traveling to countries where I didn’t know the language. Everything changed when grandparents were dying and now myself fighting hard.
      Toys for Tots was so much fun, we had approx 1,000 bikes, I lived in bury of Dallas. You also got to see another side of the real, unclean, unshaven and no shower since when, there hearts were as big. I always cried when arrived a stadium, overwhelming joy to help kids who would go without. I don’t have children, so those feelings are probably as close as I’ll get.
      Take care.


    • It’s about time, the person I was, a person I didn’t want to be. Money covered the pain until I saw the truth. I like most of the person I’m today. I think people see my heart at 53, a heart kept buried in past. My heart is open, if my friends/followers can’t see, no need to write. I’m sorry for laying it on thick, having an excruciating morning. I just posted why my heart is bleeding.
      Thanks for being a friend.


  2. I’m actually feeling good today
    first time in a while
    My stomach is good today
    No pain
    Poems are part my process
    Sometimes they speak of how
    Sometimes they just speak
    It’s kind of like my ghost
    It’s always there
    Lurking in the shadows
    As always Sheldon
    Oh and thank you M
    For being you


    • So you like the Big Hug?
      I’m thrilled to hear you are getting better. You sound like the type of person who doesn’t like sitting on couch you are moving all the time.
      Until your doctor releases you, give TV a try, a couple of decent shows out. I haven’t seen yet, just recording, Kiefer Sutherland plays the President in a new show, the suspense sounds similar to 24. What country are you in?


  3. Bradley
    I hear where your coming from. I may missed a point in there. It’s not an excuse, I was so tired and in extreme pain from flying.I am the type of person who thinks of then what? It’s my nature. I don’t think my overall opinion will change, then what? There are many illnesses which include so degree of brain involvement. So if you take mental illness away, how are each difference which makes mental illnesses different from each other going to get address. My mind thinks of all the other illness and mental illness. What people do know about mental illness is wiped out, no chance to take time to understand. I also feel the treatment, insurance companies and others would muck around and leave us all waiting, possibly without proper treatment. If we don’t have mental illness, is our General Doctor qualified to treat such a complex diseases?
    There are many side to his point, mine is different and others will have different as well. That’s the beauty of free speech.
    Take care and have a great weekend.


  4. Mental illness is real. Identifying it helps us know how to live with it. I can’t imagine mis-naming any illness, but I have experienced things being mis-labeled because of insurance. I don’t think I read the post you are referring to.


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