Dedicated to S

One life long friend I can turn to in good and bad times. I’m hurting, I’m sharing my pain with you. Music always fills me, Harry must be my healer today. To funny!!

I know, you know, I know?  What do you know, I don’t know?

Xx  Melinda

9 Comments on “I Want A Story of My Life

  1. You take on a lot
    Especially when your in pain
    Pain triggers all your demons
    Try and rest
    You need both your hands
    Take care
    As always Sheldon


    • Sheldon
      This comment is the most gentle and thoughtful comment. I apologize if I’ve pissed you off! I’ve given and still am, trying to help another person the edge of suicide. Giving everything I can takes over my mind/body. My depression is triggered stress and pain. I’m also very strong headed. I’m zapped of energy, energy I have to give help to someone I know is on a track, I started attempting to die at 9 yrs old, God wasn’t ready for me yet. I’m a very strong person, proud of myself for not letting my pain get in the way of living. I truly appreciate your friendship. I’ll come back to one piece soon.


  2. Sometimes in pain we forget
    What is familiar
    But you see you didn’t forget
    Your healer is music
    Hence you know
    Let the light shine
    As always Sheldon


    • Your light shines! What did you think of dedication?
      I know, you’re much deeper than some poetry. You know? I’m a survivor, a tough bitch I can be. I don’t know who you are.
      I know only God is my healer. Shallow sometimes thru my music, it’s not played for me but for those who listen every week. On days like this, you know I have a huge heart, feel whole caring for those in need, music to heal others. OR think this chick is really crazy. I’m different people, we all are. Not sure there is a heal for me.
      I know getting feedback from you can bring a smile.

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      • Thank you Melanie
        There is always hope
        As long as there is a heart
        A spirit to rise above the adversity
        As long as you are still questioning
        You will surely find your answer
        As always Sheldon


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