I Want A Story of My Life

Dedicated to S

One life long friend I can turn to in good and bad times. I’m hurting, I’m sharing my pain with you. Music always fills me, Harry must be my healer today. To funny!!

I know, you know, I know?  What do you know, I don’t know?

Xx  Melinda


    1. Sheldon
      This comment is the most gentle and thoughtful comment. I apologize if I’ve pissed you off! I’ve given and still am, trying to help another person the edge of suicide. Giving everything I can takes over my mind/body. My depression is triggered stress and pain. I’m also very strong headed. I’m zapped of energy, energy I have to give help to someone I know is on a track, I started attempting to die at 9 yrs old, God wasn’t ready for me yet. I’m a very strong person, proud of myself for not letting my pain get in the way of living. I truly appreciate your friendship. I’ll come back to one piece soon.


    1. Your light shines! What did you think of dedication?
      I know, you’re much deeper than some poetry. You know? I’m a survivor, a tough bitch I can be. I don’t know who you are.
      I know only God is my healer. Shallow sometimes thru my music, it’s not played for me but for those who listen every week. On days like this, you know I have a huge heart, feel whole caring for those in need, music to heal others. OR think this chick is really crazy. I’m different people, we all are. Not sure there is a heal for me.
      I know getting feedback from you can bring a smile.

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      1. Thank you Melanie
        There is always hope
        As long as there is a heart
        A spirit to rise above the adversity
        As long as you are still questioning
        You will surely find your answer
        As always Sheldon


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