Conversation: Autism and Bullying

Our friendship began on Twitter, She’s a lovely women. We talked most days about James Bay, she helped James while he was on tour. We are both addicted to JB!  We always had videos or photos to share.

Her son was beaten terribly by another Autistic boy in his class. It was heart breaking to hear the school didn’t even call her. She found out when he came home from school, devastated, he was closed off, barely spoke. A fight broke out in the cafeteria, another Autistic boy beat her son so badly he came home and left hospital in a full leg brace, broken ankle, bruises all over his body from being kicked repeatedly. I have to add the bully was known for violence.

She hired a lawyer, the school had not taken action. She was allowed watch the video of the fight, tears flowing, hands shaking, she was in a state of shock. She is brave enough to say her son will not return to school until an investigation is completed.  A complete investigation should bring the truth to the surface, it’s all on tape!  I believe other parents are concerned about their children.

Every school must have an escalation plan, teachers and school administration are taught, “How to see trouble starting” I believe the monitors are accountable for their lack of action. Bottom line, School Administration is responsible for all their employees.

I thought about how many blog about their very personal experiences on WordPress. I believe you want to hear her story.

What do you feel about hearing and watching her story?

 I want everyone to chime in. Everyone has a voice !

Growing up in TEXAS! If kids were hanging in large groups with more coming, it was an obvious signal, a kick ass is going down, nobody said a word. It was code, a simple code teachers often misread. I want to share more of her story, most important is protecting her family’s privacy. If she allows me to write follow-up post, I think you would want to hear how the investigation goes and what changes are made.  Xx  Melinda


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