I’m moving on

Truth in words, I see your truth and never take our friendship for granted

The words hit me deep inside, my dear friend is comfortable talking about her difficulties and better at picking the right song to express her pain. Please stop by http://www.fromthedarkintothelight42@wordpress.com and always proud to say she writes for Survivors Blog Here. She would love to here from you.  Xx  M


Survivors Blog Here

Life been hard its treating me with unknown pieces …and I’m honestly far from stable,but more fragile. .I need tender arms around me and gentle loves and someone to believe in me ..more than myself at present.

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    • Girl, love you!!!! I hope you took my feedback last week on couple post. Know in your heart my feedback comes from caring for you, it’s the opposite of malice. You’re carring a load, like many, you don’t want to read my list! Our own pain feels the worst and no one can understand. No we haven’t had a cuppa of whatever drink and chat till morning hours. One though is we’ve known each other a long time, that makes you a friend to me. If I think you have lost it, promise I’ll be there. I don’t care for the cyber word to read a conversation. Email me annytime, not sure what time difference between Texas USA and where you live in South Africa.
      I’ll give you anything I can or we’ll learn together. If we don’t know the beast, it’s better for us and the followers. I’m so proud of the resource and advocate you’ve become. You have plenty stored away, when ready let it flow.
      I had a brilliant idea, you give an answer anytime yes or no will not effect our friendship. You’ve done a great job to sharing your struggles and helping your followers or anyone who reads your post.
      I need/would love/honored if you will consider joining me and team at Survivors. Joinging is a matter of reblogging your post to the Survivors site. I think awe have around 12-13 writers, NO ONE with your perspective and ability to add self deprecating humor. I think you write a perfect mix. You get perky and show you very personal experiences, the best of your writing is you show people what hell can and will happen as you work to manage your mental illness. Give it a thought, I believe your voice is strong and I want more readers to hear you and read your post.
      P.S. The song is a reblog from a dear lady on our team who is struggling. I’ve tried to help however I can. We talk offline everyday, like a sober coach, she is dangerously depressed. I can’t turn and walk away from someone screaming for help.
      Talk to you soon.
      I can’t wait to see more of your new mason on the hill. Post some shots to invite us in. You can always edit out the unpleasant site!!!!!!

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