I’m sick, in bed, prescriptions, constant pain……..long list. Then God sends you a message in a song. I can’t ramp up my charity, the day will come. I work hard to not focus on the don’t, can’t do…..the chatter you start hearing.

I feel so blessed in my  life, there are many lives impacted by illness or disability, everywhere between. This song was written for Sport Relief, a Chariy in Europe.  I’m proud of James Bay for all the charities he supports.  Xx  M


15 Comments on “Blessed By The Seeds Planted In My Heart

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  2. I just dropped by to say hello
    I know your out there
    And I know it’s not easy
    Myself rite now I am falling down the rabbit hole
    I will try to visit more often
    As always Sheldon


    • Understand is hard when I don’t know what’s wrong.
      It’s none of my business
      I don’t know how to help
      Falling in rabbit hole, not count or just on worst days.
      As Always your friend Melinda.
      Listen to the song, it’s very inspiration.
      The past two weeks, been in rabbit hole.


    • Thanks Rob,
      We have two new members, Marcus from Survivor Road and Harlon at A Patients Voice. My mind in not what it was, I have a few snags, work on again tomorrow.You and Marcus have the same demons.It’s taken over a year to get him on board. Once the admin issues are fixed, I plan to post an introduction to the two. And we can’t forget to Congratulation to us for attracting such talent.

      Thanks for the nice comments. I’m a huge James Bay fan, when I hear the song I froze.Serious about Charities and being a R*R superstar.


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