Treasure Trove Award **WOW**

Receiving a nomination for an award is always exciting, exciting as the first. There are days my body hurts, some days I don’t get far. (I’ll be back) I want to Thank the Bloggers who nominated me and I’ve had to pass.

Being nominating by a good friend felt wonderful. Danica Piche created Treasure Trove Award,  a full described below.

I’m happy she’s returned to blogging. For a good read, pull up a chair, Danica is the queen of Short Stories. Visit her site  It’s an honor to receive the Treasure Trove Award.  I thank you, appreciate you and so glad your back. You’re a great support.  M



What is The Treasure Trove Award?  *New Award created by Danica Piche.*  M

I’ve created the Treasure Trove Award for bloggers who share treasures. Treasures can take the form of: art; community participation and support; creative writing; entertainment; friendship; health and fitness; humor; information; knowledge and insight; life lessons; music; photography; skills and instructions…anything that adds value and is a treasure in the blogosphere.

The Treasure Trove Award is for blogosphere treasures.

What are the rules for the Treasure Trove Award?

The rules are that there are no rules.

You can post the Treasure Trove Award image to your blog — or not.

You can give the award to other bloggers — or not.

The Treasure Hunt Begins!

MY TREASURED NOMINEES   (Mentioning even though Awards Not Accepted.)  Xx

Have fun deciding if your leaning yes or not. I think each one of you are special me.  M  


  1. Oh, my goodness. Thank you SO MUCH for making NO RULES!!!! 🙂
    I’m not a fan of anarchy but there are great swaths of time where I am engaged elsewhere and keeping up with blog award rules is difficult.

    Thank you!


    • I stop accepting awards when my help couldn’t handle. I pass on several, but this was easy enough for me. I’m working on another award, except 10-20 nominees I’m doing 5. Since both came from a dear friend, I could not pass her up.
      Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, I hear sleigh bells!


  2. Congratulations, M! Thank you so much for the wonderful introduction! I do hope you’re feeling better and enjoying a lovely holiday. I’m looking forward to visiting your nominees. Take good care of yourself 🙂


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