1. What concerned me about taking is the first line of side effects are listed as very serious and potencenly life threating. This is the first time it has been prescribed and I had my own stigma to jump over before I could really consider why I needed it.
      My mental health has hit a big challenge with my fight with Lyme. Ultimately I realize not sleeping is adding more stress on my body.
      What were you prescribed the RX for and directions on when to take?
      Look forward to hearing back.

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      1. Exactly. Stigma is the hardest hurdle I hear you. And you’re right about the side-effects. Lyme is stigmatized by idiots who don’t ‘get’ that it’s real. They should read up on it. Sigh. I’m sorry you have to deal with people like that. It just makes it harder. But I admire you for trying that’s all we can do. I was prescribed it for anxiety a while back I took it for a while, I got a bit druggy on it so I quit not saying it doesn’t work but more that it can make you feel too good, like valium can, and that worried me. I guess if there were no side-effects I’d be okay with it though. The side-effects aren’t as bad with this as with others which is good at least. They should give you directions on how to take it, I don’t know, but I’m sure if you google the manufacturer they would say how to take it (times, etc) and the dosage should be on the script. Mental health can be shot down by many things, Lyme is a really awful disease, I hope so much it can be cured in you, I read some long books about it and all of them said it can be in remission for life, which is as close to a cure as possible and that you may need some alternative treatments but there is hope. I found the books very useful, I don’t have Lyme I just got interested in it because I have a thing about stigma and how people judge others, I knew someone who had Lyme and was judged so I wanted to educate myself on the disease so I would never judge. HUGS


        1. Hi
          Glad you took the time to write back, I have plenty of post on Chronic Lyme and mental illness. Life can throw many curve balls, beaten down by Lyme everything is harder. I was IV’s for nine months and now a year + later I am close to death or getting better. My Adrenal gland is shot and if it stops producing hormones it’s horrible and you beg for death. I have been out of bed for not quite two weeks, my memory or lack of is very frustrating and can stress a marriage.
          It sounds like you have mental illness and Lyme, how long have you known about each, recent diagnosis and new Lyme diagnosis would be very heavy to carry. I’m 53, diagnosed Bipolar at 19 but didn’t take it serious until my father committed suicide. I read up on the rates of suicide after a parent commits and the odds were to much to risk, thank goodness I found a great Psychic and Therapist or I might not have lived this long. The key for getting the treatment on target was learn how to talk the way he listens, the level of participation improved greatly. I’ll check out your site so I can follow you. I also have http://www.survivorsbloghere.wordpress.com which is a collaborative site and many in the group suffer from mental illness, you might want to stop in.
          Take care and feel free to contact me anytime, I’m happy to share what I know and open minded to learning.
          Take care.


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