Stalker Alert has my Survival Skills in High Gear

Hang with me I need all of you! I’ve been to sick to meet par, now out of bed, training and will find out who Stalker. My WP sites are not working right, maybe  I screwed up in knee jerk after March 22, 17 Twitter attack and Stalker making it known he was on my tail.

20 yrs ago I was stalked for 6 yrs, I’m a Survivor and will not back down or lose!

I need huge favor, start rebloging everyone on site, current and past to see if have issue, it’s one hang up on both sites, personal & Survivors. I will make rounds and reblog to see if I can see a weak,link.

Any thoughts, words or direct comments on what looks not quite right leave a comment. We can win this battle together, we are or moving forward to Survive, the answer is in plain site ? Any Hacker ideas, I don’t know how, don’t want to

Categories: Moving Forward

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