Charitable Organization: Men’s Movement 

I’m honored to join the community at Men’s Movement. Being apart of the men’s community, sharing to help others always fills me with sunshine. There is another important aspect to joining the community, expanding my knowledge. I can’t speak for men and how they process mental illness or other trauma. I urge you to check out the site, Exciting growth is happening, webcast are in development and a second site is coming together.  M

Men’s Movement Mission Statement

Here at The Men’s Movement Community we are passionate about on-line (and off-line) transformative education, and we promote and sell books, apps and courses in psychology, therapy, and coaching. The products we sell is often within a narrow niche and deals with a highly specific problem and offer a very particular solution. We will present solutions in anger management, neurodiversity, and sexual abuse healing.
Our goal is to bring the most effective tools in personal development out to the general male population, not only as a producer and seller of programs but also as a campaigner for the raising of men’s collective self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-care. We are using the latest technology to deepen our humanity.
Our work centers around men’s personal development, helping you to Step Into Your Power. The Men’s Movement community is about empowering you to live who you are. Your empowering can take many forms depending on where you are in life, what struggles you are in, and where you think you’re going. No matter where that is, we want to be a part of that journey and provide the best support possible.
The Men’s Movement Community is raising all the good examples of people doing fantastic work around issues deeply affecting boys and men, such as sexual abuse, eating, addiction, violence, grief, and relationships, among others. We have only started this work and invite any therapist, coach or instructor working with boys or men to become a member and enrich the community members lives with your work.

It is our dream that this site in a few years will become mainstream, or rather, that the content and information shared here will be common knowledge, something everybody knows. We can pretend that it is the year 2030, and what we would like to see is:

  • That it is perfectly ok for any man, regardless of age to admit he seeks therapy for his depression without being heckled.
  • That it is ok for a man to go down in work time when his children are young.
  • That it is ok for a man to be openly homosexual in any of life’s arenas.
  • That all men have basic knowledge of their medical needs and the most common symptoms relevant to them.
  • That all men have the same rights as women when it comes to custody and family law.
  • That boys can be affectionate and show care towards each other without this behavior is labeled as gay.
  • That every man has the right to express his feelings without being ridiculed.
  • That all men have the basic knowledge of which resources there is in society when it comes to mental health, organizations, help lines, friends, sponsors.
  • That men, in general, feel that they do have someone to talk to about the things that matter most to them.

As we see when we read this list we have som little work to do. Welcome to join the movement, to join our force of societal progression. Help us give tools to all the beautiful men out so that they can find what is inside their hearts and so that they can start giving their gifts.

FAQ Men’s Movement Community

What is the Men’s Movement Community?

The Men’s Movement Community is an online personal development community for men. It’s a gathering place for men and the people who love and support them. We built the community around an online social network with support groups, a blog with guest authors and a course catalogue filled with courses in transformational learning and personal development. We are also creating a database of available resources for men.

What is the aim of The Men’s Movement Community?

We are a safe space for men to share our story and to get support, knowledge, and resources to get on with the journey we are on.  We share around situations like; divorce, custody battles, legal struggle, struggle with mental health, a personal crisis, a career shift, midlife changes or an exploration of one’s story.

In service
David Pilbäck

Founder of the Men’s Movement community

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