Where’s Waldo? Where’s Reblog Button?


Reblogging is a frustrating feeling and one I’ve heard for years. Last week I could not remember how to find post to reblog. Here’s the most simplistic way I know to reblog.  Go back to basic’s. There’s information on WordPress on the process of reblogging if you want to read.

You can write from either Writer page, the key is where you are when publishing. The newer stark white Writer with all tools compact on the right side. I write in this section  often but do not reblog from here. I do cleanup, previews all the processes we go thru.

Then make sure it’s saved and I switch over to old Writer. I hit the back button at top left next to name of blog. Then go down to Admin, click, scroll to post and you arrive at old Writer. The page is laid out vertical with the tools down below post and you scroll thru each process.

After preview and last-minute changes, I save draft, then click publish. once published at the Top Left of Page it reads, Preview Post. Click their, scroll down your post to find  reblog button is there.



I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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