Don’t Want Your Post Reblogged?

What happens when my posts get reblogged?

An excerpt will be published on the re bloggers site (with a link back to your original post), and you’ll receive a reblog notification in the post comments ( you might need to approve comments first). You’ll also receive an email notification of the reblog.

You’ll also receive an email notification of the reblog

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Do I get credit when someone else reblogs one of my posts?

Absolutely! All reblogs contain a link back to your original post, so the more people reblog your posts, the more likely it is that you’ll attract new visitors (and perhaps new followers, too!).

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What happens if I reblog a reblog?

If, for example, Stephane reblogs a news announcement on his site and Lori reblogs Stephane’s reblog, Lori only re-publishes Stephane’s comment. If Lori wants to share the original announcement, she should reblog the post from, not from Stephane’s reblog. But if Stephane leaves a really clever comment, Lori might want to share it on her own site by reblogging his reblog.

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Can I edit a post I’ve reblogged?

You can go back and edit the comments you left when you reblogged a post, but you cannot edit any parts of the original post excerpt (including the post title). If you like, you can add categories or tags to the post. Reblogs show up under My Site → Blog Posts in your dashboard, and they can be edited the same way you edit your own posts.

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Are there any restrictions on who can reblog posts?

Reblogging is designed to give all users an easy way to share great posts they find on their own sites. If your content is reblogged on a site you find objectionable, you can ask the blogger to remove it, either by leaving a comment or through their contact form if one is available., if you aren’t sure if another blogger would Likewise want their post reblogged on your own site, there’s no harm in asking them for permission first. Please note, though, that reblogging is not the same as lifting an entire post without attribution, and so will not remove reblogged posts under the DMCA. If you’re not comfortable with others being able to reblog your content, you may want to make your site private.

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How many times can I reblog a post?

You can only reblog the same post once per user. If you’d like to show an older post again to your readers, consider setting it as a Sticky post.

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Is there anyway I can disable the reblog option?

Yes, if you decide you would rather not offer the option to reblog your post, you can disable the button by navigating to Sharing → Sharing Buttons.
Disable Show reblog button under Reblog & Like and the Reblog button will no longer appear on your blog posts. Likewise, if you later decide you would like to offer users the option to reblog your content, you can enable the feature.


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Looking for more information about Reblogs?

Learn more about the benefits and etiquette of reblogging in the Daily Post’s, Reblogs: Share the Awesome, and see how the community uses the Reblog in Reexamining the Reblog.

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