The Cycle of Abuse, Free Your Mind

Thank you Robert for this eye opening post. Thanks. M

Art by Rob Goldstein

Some days it feels as if my crazy ass Mother is in charge of the U.S. government.

Animated GIF of a scene from Joan Crawford's Straight Jacket in which her homicidal daughter hurls an ax at her It’s lie I woke up to find my crazy making family in charge of the government.

I found this old handout from my days as a treatment provider in San
Francisco’s mental health system.

It was written for survivors of domestic violence.

I’m still not back to a regular posting schedule but I think this info
is relevant to coping with the gas lighting and psychological abuse
of the Trump administration.

Few situations are crazier or more chaotic than life with a psychologically
abusive parent or spouse.

Here are 14 points to consider as you work to free your mind from the
narcissistic cycle of Abuse.

1. There is the difference between humility and

2. We reject and expose gaslighting.

A meme found online that describes the gaslighting stgrategy of denying what is true even when presented with physical evidence Gas lighting, Red Flag

3. We call a lie a…

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