The Asp Wrangler For A Day

The Asp Wrangler For A Day       ASP_0155_edited-1-2


Summer and searing heat are just ahead, it’s time to introduce you to the Texas Asp.

One morning while pruning roses I noticed these furry cream-colored caterpillars. I grabbed my camera and started clicking. Something about them was familiar, I just could not put my finger on it. I had taken photos of critters all week so my husband was not surprised I discovered something new. Curiosity got the best of me, I had to see what kind of caterpillar they were. I had thoughts of beautiful butterflies flying around my yard.

To my surprise and horror they were Asp! If you are not from the South you can’t fully appreciate the terror growing within. It is close to impossible to kill them. When you get stung by an Asp it’s like having acid poured on you. Their hairs can get imbedded in the skin and every time you touch the area it’s like a new dose of acid.

When I was a kid one fell from the porch ceiling at my grandparents house. It fell down the back of my shirt. I was screaming and crying so hard it was difficult to stop to tell granny something was on my back. They leave a mark that looks like a branding iron. My back looked like red tire tracks. With this memory I had to go out the next morning a find them not only for me but our pets.

Like a scene from Mission Impossible, I found three. I had read how hard they are to kill so I carefully put them in a sealed plastic bag and let them bake in the Texas heat. This method worked beautifully. I knew there were at least two others and did find one the next day. I look everyday and can’t prune my favorite rose without thinking one is still on the loose. I was The Asp Wrangler.

If stung, take clear tape and carefully put over area.

Pull slowly the opposite direction of hair.

It will pull the hairs out. Make sure all are gone or you’ll get a reminder every time touched.

XO  Warrior

FUN Post from 2009 


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  1. I.just dropped by to say hello
    You have been so good for visiting
    Me, and I have been poor as to my response,I am trying to get use to my new normal which is not easy
    Thank you for all.your support and encouragement
    As.Sheldon Always

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  2. Probably a year ago I was taking pictures of one and had this strong urge to pet it!!!!! Thankfully I did not. Came inside and looked it up and was horrified!! I immediately posted it for my friends with children here in Florida because I know if I wanted to touch it then any child would too!!!!! It reminded me of donald trumps hair. I have no idea why. But I laughed at that later and thankfully did not touch it.

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