Lyme Journal Entry Eleven *Lyme Winning Me..Mad As Hell*

Lyme Journal Rerun from 2015. Included is packed with info about being a patient and the huge political system. I hope someone is helped by the information. M

Wild Crazy HairWild Warrior Hair

Four months ago I wrote the last Lyme Journal Entry. I thought my strength would allow me to blog thru the illness. Then the 5-6 month point turned my life upside down and it’s been hell. I fired Lyme doctor and not taking meds at this time. I know many are wondering why the hair photo? I was losing hair by the handful and showering was near impossible with longer hair. When you can’t stand, lift your arms or sit down without falling, showering is a problem. I planned a nice Army shave but David would not help. I grabbed the scissors and cut eight inches off. Feels great, looks like crap. Who cares? 

I’m sure people have noticed my positive attitude is quickly sliding. The mounting problems are not all Lyme related. My cat Truffles is dying, lack of communication from my doctor, getting so sick and walking…

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    1. Thanks Cindy, that warrior look was the first time. I shaved it all off about four months ago. With my cowlicks the hair looks crazy going out. I’m behind on my museum study but have a wig. Lyme and depression is not a pretty mix. 🙂


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