Lyme Progress #3 *What Lyme Left Behind ?*

Chronic Lyme can leave behind other chronic illnesses, many little things, my body is still evolving. I had IV Infusion Treatment, high levels of antibiotics which destroyed, my skin’s protective barrier. My outside limit is 5-10 minutes then its second degree burns. Who needs to use the pool? My doctor said my skin will always be an issue. Great! I’m a Cancer Water Baby, vacation anywhere there’s good clean water.

A big surprise came when freckles popped up everywhere. Not little freckles, masses of darker ones. My arms have the “vacation look”. Yesterday I found several big black freckles on my back. What now!

I  have “scaling” on the arms, skin looks snake-like.  At 54 Lyme has given me more than I ever asked for. Mother Nature continues to her natural growth. I have tags, mini warts that grow mostly on the chest area.

Chronic Lyme affects everyone different and very different side effects.

For those’s who love us or we love, be gentle. Lyme is a very hard everyday.




Categories: Moving Forward

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