Lyme Progress #4 *Photos*

Original post 5/23/2018 Reposted for The Fibromyalgia Directory.

 It’s summertime, ticks and insects carrying tick born illnesses are worse than last year. Practice all precautions if out in tall grass, tall scrubs or trees.

I’m dealing with in Dementia, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Lyme Arthritis, Cognitive issues, PAIN, falling, PAIN and pain medicines. There are days you want to cry, scream, on and on. Chronic Illnesses can consume your life. Make the best by finding the positive.  M

Wild Crazy Hair

First shaved head, Second was a GI Jane cut. Lyme is frustrating!!!!!


Day the Port was removed


Just a few of the prescriptions


Everything and everybody must be sterile


457-1_edited-1 IV

Port inserted 

Sharps Container
Container for used needles.


Surfing during IV Therapy



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