RAINN.org Christa’s Story

Christa is a Survivor of Sexual Assault, her story is hard to read and yet she comes out on top. She was able to more forward and rebuild her life. She has the strength like many of you. She turned to RAINN.org for support.


I support RAINN and want to share a postcard with the good news of how many SURVIVORS were helped in 2018. The bad news is many are not receiving the support due to long hotline wait times. Please consider RAINN when you give this season. You can donate at donate.rainn.org/2018. Thank you for reading and your continued support.    Melinda

More than 260,000 SURVIVORS and their loved ones this year have turned to RAINN’s victim services programs to seek help–a record and the need continues to increase.

Unfortunately, because of hotline wait times that have reached 5 1/2 hours, thousands of survivors have left before we were able to be there to provide support. We need your help to be there for the survivors today and everyday.

This month, your gift will go twice as fast to ensure SURVIVORS get the help they need. When you give to RAINN through December 31st, a group of generous donors will match your gift, dollar for dollar. 

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