Round And Round, The Hamster Wheel

I’ve struggled with Chronic Lyme, Fibromyalgia and Dementia for six years, I want off the Doctor Hamster Wheel. Every week it’s a follow-up or test to reveal the latest ailment. I’ve made the decision to step off the Doctor Hamster Wheel in 2019.

I saw a Rheumatologist a two months ago, the clueless PA told me there wasn’t Lyme in Texas. REALLY? The doctor named a few possible illnesses and took my blood. The doctor’s visit was a bust but the lab work revealed my Calcium is high. Which can cause serious complications. She suggested to have my Parathyroid checked. WOW, something good? came out of the lab work, I have another ailment to deal with.

I saw the Endocrinologist for answers, it was straight forward. A blood test, a scan at the hospital and possible surgery. We scheduled the scan immediately since it was effecting my heart. I fell down the stairs and banged myself up a good one. I landed a perfect 10! NO, I can’t lean my head back for two forty-five minute sessions.

2019 starts like the other six years, with a heart test scheduled, Parathyroid scan with possible surgery and a test for Traumatic Brain Injury from the fall. There are few days left in 2018, I want to know who I am, how have I changed in that time. I developed Agoraphobia, haven’t driven in six years and have only seen the inside of doctor’s offices.

I took the first step for 2019, decided which test to cancel, bought two patterns for knitting and opening an Ebay store. Most importantly I get decide who I am, not remain another patient.

I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate your support, the comments and emails helped me pushing forward. The WordPress family means so much to me. I pray your year starts healthy, as can be and happy. I look forward to developing new friendships and reading and learning from your post.




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