Lyme Progress #7 Supplements?

Every case of Lyme is different partly do to which major organ the spirochetes  penetrate and set up house. They go for the brain, liver, kidney’s or heart, some of the symptoms are relative to the organ they set up house in. Then you have co-infections to deal with. A tick can give you Lyme and other diseases it carries around. Ticks aren’t the only ones to carry Lyme, sand flies and mosquitos can carry the disease. This is why it’s so important to spray yourself every time you go outside.

Doctor’s don’t have a protocol to follow since every patient is different. To me Lyme treatment felt as if the doctor was trying to kill the spirochetes without killing me. I was in bed almost three years. Doctors are working to establish a protocol but that is another post.

My Lyme team recommended approximately 50-75 supplements to take on top of my daily prescriptions and seven days of IV Therapy. When I was  feeling like death, supplements were the last thing on my mind. After taking certain ones and not feeling any different, the bottle were rounded up and thrown in thrash. Don’t get me wrong, supplements work for many people.

There are doctors or practitioners who claim supplements alone will cure Lyme, sorry not true. Lyme has no cure. I’m not against supplements and take a few today, when you’re already taking so many pills and an IV everyday, 50-75 more pills didn’t work for me. I wish all the best in your treatment.

Like many autoimmune diseases there isn’t a road map. Research helps but is not a cure. If you have an autoimmune diseases, stay on top of research, clinical trails and new medicines, doctors can’t keep up with everything or be expected to tell us.

Take responsibility for your illness, not focus on your illness, focus on how to improve your day-to-day and where your future is going.


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