Update from MaleSurvivor Board of Directors

Dear Friends,
I want to thank you on behalf of MaleSurvivor, our Board of Directors, our staff, our members, and the thousands of survivors who visit our website and frequent our Discussion Forum and Chat Room.
Your stalwart support as an Advisory Board member facilitates our ongoing efforts
to remain the premier place of learning, sharing and healing for male survivors across the country and abroad.
The Board of Directors has several new faces, and the new leadership is committed to investing in our members. This includes enhancing existing services and developing new ones:
  • We are completing the re-launch of the Discussion Forum and Chat Room on a new, user-friendly platform
  • We’re building an engaging new website that makes access to healing resources even easier
  • We have revitalized our collaboration with the Weekend of Recovery program and MenHealing to open more doors for our members
  • We will soon be offering a webinar series for survivor education and professional training
  • We have restored our Dare to Dream program of healing day events in various locations nation-wide
  • We are organizing a roundtable-style colloquium with representatives from diffuse service providers and programs to develop a unified network of resources for addressing male sexual abuse in its many contexts
  • We would like to develop a national 24/7 hotline specifically for male survivors
  • With your support we will be hosting a major conference, as we have in many years passed, for survivors and professionals, with late 2020 as our target and New York City as the site.
 In light of these exciting developments, I am reminding you to please make your donation now, either as a recurring monthly donation, or by giving a one-time annual donation. Every dollar you contribute allows us to go further and do even more to help male survivors find the strength to reclaim their lives.
Your contributions and continuing support are invaluable to the work we do at MaleSurvivor on behalf of our members, and your generosity is immensely appreciated.
In sincere gratitude,
Murray David Schane, M.D.
President, MaleSurvivor Board of Directors
You can also mail your donation to:
PO Box 276
Long Valley, NJ 07853

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