First Try At Self-Care Day

I’m waiting on the rain, Griffy and Shaggy are demanding my full attention. So far my first “self-care” day isn’t going so well. I do have cup of tea and will try again later.

I have The Self Love Workbook beside me for when they take a nap. The book is written by Shannia Ali, PhD. The brief over view is “a life-changing guide to boost self esteem, recognize your worth, and find genuine happiness”.

The Cardiologist office called and the doctor wants me to do a Stress Test before he clears me for surgery. The test is tomorrow morning, and takes four hours. Two hours of testing, 30 minutes to eat and test for remaining two hours. This means fasting starting now, no chocolate, cafeenie or decaf, and only water after midnight. The second worst part is not taking my medicine in the morning. Do I sit in the lobby taking meds why trying to eat or skip for day? Another destration.

I’m keeping a journal to keep track of how well I manage “self-care” time over the next month. I subscribed to a monthy self-care box for body and mind called TheraBox. The creators are both Therapist, the box included the book, a nice pen, eye cream, hand cream, candle, lip scrub and a nice gold plated necklace.








It’s now 2:00 p.m. CST and my body isn’t thinking about self-care right now. Pain in pain no matter what you have on your agenda. I will try again tomorrow when I get home. I’m not high on workbooks so the book is going to have to grab me at the very beginning.

To be continued…….



    1. The boxes are great because you don’t know the exact date they arrive so there is a surprise element. I had a self-care day today, I can’t call that time self-care, doesn’t qualify today. 🙂


    1. It was the kick I needed even if the day didn’t go as planned. I did get a good feeling of doing nothing for others and clearing my mind. Be sure to let me know how it goes. If you are going to try a box, check out, they have a huge selection of boxes to choose from. I subscribe to several different types, especially book clubs.


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