1. I’m so sorry you were feeling so rough and rotten. There are some days that can’t disappear fast enough, aren’t there? I hope you’re feeling a little brighter today. I’m sorry I’m a bit late in reading your post. Sending hugs ย โ™ฅ
    Caz xx

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          1. Hi Janette
            So glad you found the challenge. I love it and look forward to each week. The host of the challenge is down in the bottom section, her name is Linda Hill. She is awesome, she does Prompts every day of the week. I’m glad you found me, I’m following you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day. Melinda


          2. I can imagine that all day testing would do that. Glad you got some rest. Keep taking good care of yourself! I’m doing okay. Probably better than I realize.

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          3. Thank you for asking, Melinda. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with getting our newly renovated house organized and bringing stuff from my parents house an hour away to get it ready to sell. Also trying to make some decisions. It’s all about houses and stuff – material things. I’m feeling better today and realizing how much I have to be thankful for. It helps to go out into my backyard and focus on what I love. Thank you for helping me clarify this. โค

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          4. Being outside clears my head and I’m praticing it more as I become aware of my emotions. Plus I get to look at all the flowers I planted and wait for the hummingbirds. If we’re lucky they will see our two feeders on the migration to Mexico.
            I hope you door was installed as promised. You’ve had so much on your plate for over a year now, it’s time for a short vacation to clear your mind and refresh your soul. ๐Ÿ™‚

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          5. I just took a deep breath reading this. Thank you, Melinda. Yes, the bathroom door has been installed and is a light natural wood color. I think we’re going to keep that color and paint the rest of the doors something similar. But being outside is best. Enjoy your flowers! How exciting to be waiting for your hummingbirds!

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