Weekend Music Share *New Kid in Town*

Welcome back to Weekend Music Share; the place where everyone can share their favourite music.

My parents divorced when I was six, we moved around a lot until my mother remarried. I went to live with my father at age 12 and found myself the new kid in town. When this song came out, it reminded me of those lonely teenage years.

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  1. Thanks so much for joining us for Weekend Music Share, Melinda. A lovely song choice, but I’m sorry about the memories it brings back. It must have been difficult moving home a lot and having to make new friends every time it happened. Sorry to hear you were also bullied at school. It’s something that also happened to me.
    Have a lovely week.

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    1. Thank you for the kind comments.Bulling is so different today, I would not want the public shaming kids deal with today. What I had was enough. I love music so the prompt was right up my alley. Do I need to write the lyrics out also? I’ll see you next weekend for a new song and happier story. It’s strange the song just came to mind and it unlocked a posted I’ve sat on for two years.


    1. It’s good to remember what you’ve gone thru to appreciate where you are. I’m working on a post about the bullying I went thru as a teen. I’m sure we can all relate since bullying still happens it just looks different. 🙂


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