Pain Warrior Virtual Advocacy Day

Dear pain warriors,
Our Virtual Advocacy Day is here! 
We recognize that there is a lot going on in the world right now–including COVID-19 and racial injustice, which both urgently deserve attention. 
But as Congress prepares its budget for 2021, now is our best chance to ask them to fund key recommendations in the “Pain Management Best Practices” report, a roadmap for improving pain care nationwide.
We’ve created three easy tools to help you participate, all from the comfort of home.
1. CallEven if you only leave a message or speak with an aide, this is the most effective way to get policymakers’ attention. The link below includes step-by-step instructions, phone numbers, and talking points. Feel free to paraphrase!CALL >>
2. EmailIf legislators get enough emails on the same subject, they start to pay attention. Our template email campaign takes less than two minutes to send! (We timed it!) You can customize the email and add some of your personal story if you’d like.EMAIL >>
3. TweetThis requires two steps! 1) Look up and copy down your legislators’ Twitter accounts here. 2) Generate a prewritten Tweet using the link below, and add their account names (using the “@” symbol). You can customize the tweet as you see fit.TWEET >>
Our website also has fun graphics to share, a customizable template to print and fill out (pictured at left), and a link to watch Tuesday’s informational webinar, which reviewed the report and how to take action.VISIT THE ACTION CENTER >>
Congress requested this report be developed–now, they must follow through on its recommendations and provide funding for #aplanforpain. But they’ll only do that if they hear from their constituents.
We have the tools. You have the power to create change! 
Thank you for your support. Please let us know if you have any questions, or if we can help you advocate in any way.
Nicole Hemmenway


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