Fibromyalgia Thoughts #4 Living Without A Flair


Vacuumed kitchen and dining room.

Mopped kitchen.

Applied cuticle cream twice.

Vacuumed part of the living room, still need to clean the floor.

Potted two house plants.

Enjoyed a candle for a few minutes.

Emptied dishwasher.

Woke up 4:00 A.M. with the puppy.

Haven’t taken a nap.

I cleaned up but no shower, those hospital towelettes sure come in handy, hair still in a ponytail.

Took my morning meds.

Washed face twice.

Emptied bathroom trash.

Brushed teeth twice.

Played with dogs, felt like forever!

Went to Starbucks for a cold coffee with my husband.

I’m exhausted at 2:30 P.M.ย 

This is an exceptional day! I set my goals at a realistic level this week and am working at breaking them down. Today is Tuesday and I’m ahead of schedule. The new puppy is exhausting but he brings so much joy and laughs.

I don’t always give myself credit for all the little tasks and tend to focus on the bigger things which make me feel like I haven’t accomplished much. ย All task add up even on the worst days, everything adds up to an accomplishment.

Tomorrow is a new day.




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