Clean Your Air With A Homemade Oil Diffuser

Willow & Sage by Stampington

Photo by Pixabay on

You will need

Wooden diffuser sticks or other suitable decorative sticks

Lavender essential oil

Tea Tree essential oil

Fractionated Coconut oil

Glass bottle

Blend essential oils into fractionated coconut oil at a ratio of about 1-4, fill glass bottle halfway and insert sticks.

Use a bottle with the smallest opening possible, and use as many sticks as you can fit into the opening. This will discourage oil from evaporating quickly through the bottle opening and encourage it to evaporate more slowly through diffuser sticks.

Display the diffuser far away from sunlight, strong lights, and excessive heat to increase the longevity of the oil blend, or display closer to these things for a stronger and shorter diffuser.


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