What Do you Think of Our New Theme? — Survivors Blog Here Mental Health Collaborative

It’s been years since I gave Survivor’s Blog Here a facelift and today started looking around at options. Does this theme work for how you like the post to pop out on the front page. What is missing? The COVID 19 virus has affected several of our contributors, I’m sure you’ve noticed less blogging […]

What Do you Think of Our New Theme? — Survivors Blog Here Mental Health Collaborative


          1. It must be so difficult, no Zoom is not the same. I pray he comes home soon. Maybe the distraction of working on your art pieces will take your mind off the world for a little bit, it’s stressful right now. Try to keep the TV and social media to a limit so as not to get triggered. It really stresses me out and makes me angry. 🙂

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          2. We had a zoom chat last night and it was OK. It helped me to get used to using video. I’ve always been photo-phobic so it was good to move beyond it. I’ve been active this past week and it is taking a toll. I hate liars, I hate being lied to and I especially hate it when I see journalists repeat lies without context as they normalize a criminal president who uses our white house for personal gain. I can’t help but believe our lives would be less hellish is our press stopped normalizing trump’s lawlessness.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback. So maybe a different color combination will lighten things up. I’ll take a look, I’m not the best at WP changes that require CSS but think I can make basic changes like in the past. It’s been a while since I changed the site. I changed my site a couple of months ago but it’s all light, very white. Have a great evening.

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