WordPress Classic Editor Is Now Retired

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

OH CRAP!!!!!!!!!! The good ole stand by is now gone, so are the easy days of posting without all the complications. So now when you ask for Classic Editor it’s actually the previous Block Editor. What a nightmare! I didn’t learn it let alone the new one.

The new one is great for all the bells and whistles but if you like to keep things super simple those days are gone.

Here’s what WordPress told me this morning.

The classic editor has been retired, but we do have a classic block, which retains that functionality for you to use. We also made this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkQlTuJ4BH8&feature=emb_title on how to work with blocks and the block editor

Please express your thoughts by contacting a technical support.



  1. Perfect photo for the expression of what I’ve been feeling since March when I came back to WP from a hiatus on writing and found all the change. It really, really threw me off and I complained and grumbled and asked blogging friends how to adjust and they had not yet been switched. But today I see they have been and everyone feels as I did. I don’t feel as stupid.I am finally starting to figure it out four plus months later. I will figure it out. There are still things they need to change to make me happy, I’m not sure where/who to make suggestions.

    Good luck, just remember you are NOT alone in the struggle! Everyone is feeling it!

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  2. I’ve heard a lot of complaint abut the block editor, it akes some learning but it’s powerful. I think the new block editor is easier to use than the previous one personally and if you need help with it I can try and assist 🙂

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      1. Sure that’s all you need, I use only a few of the blocks myself and mainly the paragraph block. If you press the + for a new block and type that’s all you need to do to write, if you need an imagine click the + and you can find or search for the image block. That’s all many need.

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  3. There is the original editor in among the wp-admin screens that’s pretty close to the “Classic” editor. As for the Classic block, it doesn’t work that well, especially if you never used the visual editor and are trying to write everything as code. At least that’s been my experience.

    I’m leaning toward the new editor, if only because, despite WP’s promise that they’ll keep the original editor around until 2022, I don’t trust them anymore. Since most of the blocks don’t appear to do what I want them to do (i.e. resize and center YouTube videos, embedded tweets and Instagrams), I’m eschewing them and using custom HTML blocks instead. I make ample use of Markdown when writing my posts, and there is a block for that, so I’m basically using the Markdown, Image, and Custom HTML blocks. Pretty much what I was doing with the original editor, they just go in different blocks…

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    1. Sounds like a lot more than I want to learn but will have no choice. I have found a Classic looking version since I’m an admin but it is not copying my cut and paste images. I’ll have to learn another way around that one. Take care.

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  4. The block editor makes me want to tear my hair out so you are not alone. It seems to be aimed at folk who have commercial websites – taking payments or selling things with and lots of forms and gizmos. Most bloggers don’t want any of that stuff. We just want text and images – and as you say hyperlinks.

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    1. As usual, Wp doesn’t listen to what the average blogger wants. If someone wants to run a business on Wp then they should go over to the .org side of the business. What’s crazy is I can get into Classic Editor this morning. Now it may eat all my work but so far it’s working. Hell who knows. 🙂

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  5. Sorry, I’m in the (it seems) minority of people who really like the new block editor. It took me a little bit to figure out how it works, but now that I have the basics down, I find it to be much easier to use all the way ’round. I really hope you get to like it better the more you use it. It stinks to have to use something you hate….

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    1. I just wish WP would do a better job of letting people know that a product is retiring and to start training, and provide training on the new Block Editor. They di send me a link to a video. It would not be a big deal except I just accepted a paid job and now have to learn how to do Hyperlinks and put Sponsored Post in the code. I’m sure it’s simple, but so far I haven’t figured out how to do Hyperlinks this morning.

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      1. Are you on WordPress .com or .org? If your blog is a WP-hosted site, the way I’ve been doing the hyperlinks is to highlight the text where I want to put the hyperlink and a little box pops up that has several options, including a little icon that looks like the link of a chain. You choose that and put your hyperlink in the box. I’m pretty sure that in that same box that comes up, there’s an option to check “Sponsored Post.” I hope this helps.

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        1. I’m on .com which is a little different than .org but not sure if the Block Editor is the same. I found what looks like the Classic Editor and was able to do my Hyperlinks. Now it’s figure how to do the sponsored post. She has a video to show me how I just have to watch it a few times. Now I found out my photos didn’t cut and paste so I need to see what’s up with that. It looks like it will work out. It’s my first job with this company so I want it to be great and I’m a perfectionist when I can be. Not that it will be perfect but perfect for what I’m capable of writing. Thankfully their not looking for professional writers. Lost the skill set a long time ago! I had dreams of being a Journalist. If I get this job I can officially call myself that. Even though I’ve been paid for other jobs, this feels different. The other’s were when I was attending school writing for the school and the local paper. The good ole days!!!!! HAHA

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