Why Has Separation Become More Common?

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Over the past decade or so, the divorce rate has been increasing, and in some areas quite rapidly at that.  This is an unfortunate stat and statistic but a very real one, so why is the divorce rate reaching such a high level?

The recession

At present, the economy is suffering because of the impact of the recession from COVID-19, and this can cause a lot of financial strain on individuals. If finances are running low, people become stressed and worried and this can cause a lot of arguments with the blame being shifted from one individual to another. This can lead to cracks in a relationship and result in the unfortunate occurrence of a divorce.  

More lenient divorce laws

The rules and laws concerning separation and divorce are much more tolerant than they once were, which means that getting divorced is much easier. Years ago those who desired to get separated had to have a legitimate purpose for requiring this, for instance, cheating or abuse, however, nowadays all states in America have adopted a no-fault divorce law, meaning you do not need a reason to separate from your partner via law. 

More independent women

In the past there was a distinct role between men and women; men were the breadwinners and women stayed at home and looked after the house and children. Nowadays that notion has been well and truly challenged and many women are the main breadwinners in the house. This can lead to added conflict and result in many arguments and possibly divorce.

Less traditional views

In the past, people tended to stay together because of concern they could be looked down on and even ignored. Nevertheless, now society is much more accepting of people who divorce and do not see it as a type of problem. With countless family members and friends being supportive of divorce, most couples know that if the worst happens, a comprehensive support system will surround them. Plus, empathic professional support is available from the likes of Brown & Dahan, LLP and others. 

Media celebrating divorce

Another reason is that divorce is so present in our everyday lives because of the media. Every day you see a different celebrity having marriage problems or going through a divorce e.g. Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Anniston. This has an impact on individuals as they read this information and so they see divorce thru a different lens. If their favorite star can go through a divorce and be an independent woman, why can’t they? Divorce can often be glamorized by the media rather than frowned upon, if celebrities don’t see divorce as such a big deal we should we?

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  1. I think the forced quarantining and “sheltering in place” creates a lot of stress, resulting in not just divorce but also depression, spousal abuse, substance abuse, even suicide. No matter how much you love a person, you need to get away, and staring at the same four walls can lead to disaster….

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