Fibromyalgia Thoughts #5 Life is a full-time job I can’t work

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The fog is thick and heavy.

A microfiber wand beside the bed hasn’t been touched in days. The amount of dust in the house is a full-time job I can’t work.

I’m so glad only to have four-legged kids to get on my nerves and wear out my patients.

My body doesn’t hurt as bad as the muscles tense and twitching. Hip pain is now on both sides, I  wonder if Osteoporosis has moved to the left hip. My shoulder has decided to ache all the time making it difficult to sleep. 

I noticed more wrinkles on the face today, feeling old again.

Self-care has gone by the wayside this week, too tired to care.

My mental health is good surprisingly for being in the middle of a pandemic in a state with rising numbers.

I have canceled all doctor’s appointments out of fear of the virus, have only had three face to face visits and two lab trips since March. So many health issues and follow-ups are slipping behind.

I’ve had hives for two months, General Doctor is trying medication before referring me to a Dermatologist. I’m taking two histamine blockers and steroids, still no change. Have scars from the scratching. I have cut out all supplements except probiotics, calcium, and a multivitamin. Had just started several herbal supplements for the immune system. Don’t think there’s a connection but can’t come up with anything to set the hives off.

Trying to decide if all the symptoms are Fibromyalgia or a Lyme relapse or both.

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I hope for better days ahead.

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  1. Oh Melinda, I’m sorry you’re having a rough time right now. I hope your hives clear up quickly, and that you start to feel more like *your* normal soon. I’ve been keeping most of my doctors’ appointments, but they have very strict protocols in place, so I’ve felt pretty safe. This is a strange time, to be sure. I hope your symptoms settle down soon for you sweet friend. Sending gentle hugs!

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    1. Thanks, Terri, I’m feeling a bit better. My hives are clearing up. I wrote that a couple of weeks ago and thought many could relate to. The house is still a full-time job that I need help with but don’t we all. I can get a maid and did have for years but when I got sick I didn’t want anyone in the house. I’m not excited about anyone being in the house now but I may break down for a deep clean. We’ll see. Thanks for the hugs.

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