Activated Charcoal: The Underestimated Supplement You Need to Know About

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Activated charcoal is something you will see in most health stores. While most people now go straight towards something like CBD oil for all their ailments, there’s a lot to be said for activated charcoal. For those that don’t know, it is a black powder that stops toxins from being absorbed into the stomach by binding itself to them. It is something used in hospitals if somebody suffers from alcohol poisoning. As the body cannot absorb charcoal, the toxins in your body bind to the charcoal, which will then leave your body in the form of feces. But what else can we use this underestimated supplement for?

Benefits Teeth Whitening and Oral Health

Many people struggle to find affordable dentists these days that will give good advice on brushing teeth. Many people look to making their teeth whiter. And there are many teeth whitening products out there that contain activated charcoal. It’s believed that oral health products with activated charcoal may be detoxifying, antibacterial, and antiviral.

Reduces Intestinal Gas and Diarrhea

Studies have shown that people that had excessive gas in their intestines reduced this by taking activated charcoal and had improved symptoms. And because it is used as an adsorbent in cases of poisoning and overdoses, activated charcoal might prevent diarrhea by absorbing the toxins from bacteria and drugs that can cause diarrhea.

It Can Help Kidney Function

It may be able to help kidney function by filtering out and digested toxins. Activated charcoal needs more research but it appears to be very effective at removing toxins derived from urea. While more research is needed studies have shown that activated charcoal might help reduce gastrointestinal damage and improve kidney function for those who have chronic kidney disease.

It Can Be a Deodorant

It is an ingredient in deodorant. As charcoal might absorb smells and harmful gases it becomes an ideal underarm deodorant. As it can absorb excess moisture and supposedly control humidity in small ways, it may prove very beneficial to those who have issues with body odor.

It Can Help With Skin Infection

Various traditional medicine practitioners use activated charcoal to treat tissue conditions like skin infections. Activated charcoal can absorb the harmful microbes from wounds which has an antibacterial effect.

Can Help With Food Intolerances

For people who have food intolerances like gluten, taking activated charcoal after consuming foods they have a reaction to can minimize the absorption of toxins. While this is not beneficial to those who have extreme reactions such as celiac disease, for those that have a low-level intolerance to foods like gluten, they will feel the benefits upon taking activated charcoal soon after food.

While activated charcoal can yield many benefits, it’s important to not overdo it. For example, if you take medication, having activated charcoal within 2 hours of consuming it may render the medication ineffective. Activated charcoal can certainly help in small doses of toxicity, especially after eating foods, but it’s important to use sparingly and always follow the instructions on the packet. Use it right and it may help you in many areas of your life. 

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