Is Alternative Medicine Suitable For Your Pet?

If your furry friend is struggling with digestive problems, bad breath, dry skin, and more, your first port of call is to reach out to your vet to get him checked out, right?

We all want what’s best for our animals to keep them happy and healthy, but some pet parents are concerned with resorting to ‘Western medicine’ when it comes to their care. One of the reasons pet owners express concern in this area is the overuse of medicines to deal with some issues. Are some of the most common side effects worth it in the long run.

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Some pet owners have since looked into the use of alternative medicine for the treatment of some common animal complaints. Before considering the use of alternative treatments for your pets, it is important to speak to a registered veterinarian who will advise you on the best treatments for your pet. 

Here are some of the alternative treatments you can use to treat your animals, and some of the things you need to know about them. 


The treatment that involves inserting small needles in certain parts of the body to balance the energy flow, thus treating pain and chronic ailments, acupuncture is a popular choice for pet owners to use on their animals, too. It is pain relief without the excessive use of chemicals from western medicine.  


Every animal has to eat, and a good way of sneaking medication into a pet is through their food as their favorite wet food will disguise the taste of nasty medicines. However, some companies such as provide animals with tasty hemp-based products for dogs that not only have a huge range of health benefits such as easing pet anxiety and sleeping issues, but they’re tasty, too! 


Where there are perhaps some nutritional shortfalls in the diet, nutritional supplements can benefit pets by supplying additional vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and vital fatty acids to encourage optimal health


Another popular treatment for humans. Pets can also enjoy the benefits of massage from lowering the stress hormones in the body, pain relief, increased circulation, and a boosted immune system. Once pet owners have the correct training, this could also be done at home saving a lot of time and money! 

What Do Vets Think About the Use of Alternative Therapy? 

While alternative therapy is increasing in popularity among pet owners, many vets do not like to encourage the use of alternative therapies. This is mainly due to the fact that, unlike western veterinary treatment and medicine, many of these therapies have not been scientifically proven to work for the treatment of various illnesses or complaints. 

This doesn’t mean that these treatments are always ineffective, however- it just means that highly funded case studies have yet to be completed meaning that these alternative treatments haven’t been put to the test.

Some vets are incredibly open to the idea of the use of alternative medicine, with some schools even offering training in the area to go alongside western treatments. 

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