Meet Jet

Many of you have asked to see a photo of my new pound puppy, so meet Jet. He’s around 10 pounds and will probably get a little taller, not much. He came in as a litter fo four and I picked the cutest runt there was. Jet’s a terrier mix and that’s all we know but he has the hunting thing down, you should see him go after the bees in my rosemary bush. I’ve also included a photo of him and sister Griffy. Our three-year-old Brussels Griffon mix. 

Did you get a new pet during the pandemic? So. many animals were being adopted in the surrounding cities it took us three months to find any dog. We were looking for an older dog but Jet came up for adoption and I couldn’t pass up his little personality. He’s me snuggle bunny. He’s also the reason I’ve lost 27 pounds! Keeping up with him non-stop is giving so much exercise. That and cutting out the cookies! 



    1. He is a doll, he’s my little man. He snuggles up with me at night and gets me up at five in the morning! I’ve lost weight from chasing him around, keeping an eye on him in the yard, and playing with him. I’m also the one training him. He’s a mama’s boy. They are so funny when they are playing and fighting, it’s like wrestling mania around here. You would think we have regular kids, there are two toy boxes and toys all over the floor. He is so cute when he wants another toy he will jump right in the big toy box and throw them all out until he gets to the bottom. I do still miss my cat Truffles, he died about six years ago. Take care.


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