Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving in America which is the celebration of a harvest festival by the Pilgrims in 1621. It’s an annual holiday marked by religious observances and a traditional meal that includes turkey. Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November.

Growing up my granny would make a huge meal of ham, no turkey, potato salad, sweet potatoes, green beans, salads, rolls, and several desserts which always included a pecan pie and homemade chocolate fudge.

When I was younger I had friends who didn’t have family nearby and she would let me invite them over for dinner. It became my thing, always bringing someone along for the Thanksgiving meal. What better way to give thanks for our friends. 

I would say grace and then we would start passing the food around the table. Like all families, we had our differences but most holidays we could put this aside and focus on the reason we were getting together.

This year it will be just the two of us and that is fine. What’s most important is taking care of our health and those around us. I’m not making a large meal but we are having ham and sweet potatoes, rolls, and an assortment of desserts. We’re not big on turkey unless fried.

I have so much to be thankful for and now more than ever I work hard to keep those blessings on the front of my mind.

assorted cooked foods
Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

I’m thankful for the support you have given me over the years. I enjoy our communications and appreciate your feedback. We’ve learned a lot this year and we have so much to be thankful for.

In health,



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

    “Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year because it reminds us to give thanks and to count our blessings. Suddenly, so many things become so little when we realize how blessed and lucky we are.”
    – Joyce Giraud

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    1. I saved a seat at the table for you! The plate sits there alone! We had a scaled-down dinner. Ham, sweet potato, rolls, and deserts. For lunch, we had a nice selection of cheeses and cured meats. That’s our holiday tradition, the meats, and cheese lunch. We also do it for Christmas and New Years’. Then I try to avoid cheese for the rest of the year. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving or something like in the UK? *******Please email me your address so I can send you a Christmas card*************.

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      1. Ooo the dinner & lunch both sound lovely! Meat & cheese are always winners for Christmas & NY here too, but then again they’re eaten any day of the year which may not be as good 😂 We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, no. It’s a shame because it’s such a warm tradition. When I worked in Indianapolis for 6 weeks yeeeeeears ago, I was there for Thanksgiving and it was amaaaazing, I absolutely loved it! Are you prepared for Christmas around the corner? Time has just gone so fast, I’m so far behind… It seems to have really snuck up on us this year.

        Aww you don’t have to send me a card, though that’s very kind of you! Ecards are free and safer than going out during the pandemic 😉 xxxx

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        1. We put up the tree on Thanksgiving day, another tradition. We’ve been married so long that we just decide how much money we can spend and decide if we want to spend it ourselves or have the other buy some gifts. I just said give me the money! I bought a really nice camera earlier in the year and want to pay my credit card off so the money was a nice bump in bring the debt down. I know Ecards are free and easy but thought that a real card would bring more sunshine. I’ll come up with a few special cards to send e that way you can get more than one. I have to send one to Canada anyway so he’s going to the post. Make your own Thanksgiving tradition! Call it the Fall Festival and plan your special meal. 🙂

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