Sunday Thoughts

This year…..

I’ve driven myself four times.

Had 15 doctor’s appointments, only three of which were Telehealth.

One CT Scan.

One Bone Scan.

Two Mammograms.

Seven X-rays.

Nine Lab appointments.

Six referrals to specialists.

Four steroid shots, one shoulder, three in the knee.

One round Botox for TMJ.

Rescheduled Colonsocpy twice due to pandemic, on indefinite hold now.

Haven’t slept a solid night since July due to pain, wake up between 1:30-3:30 a.m. after pain medication wears off.

Six new prescriptions.

Diagnosed with new immune disorder, Hypogammaglobulinemia.

TB Test, two Pneumonia shots, two Shingles shots, and one flu shot.

I’m one of the lucky chronically ill patients, I feel relatively good.

In health,



      1. Oh my goodness I feel the same way! I thank God to have stumbled upon your blog. Take care and stay you, (which seems like a pretty cool individual by the way).🙂

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